2019 Camp Arnes Youth Retreat

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Dear parents/guardians, we at La Salle Youth are super excited to offer a youth retreat this fall at Camp Arnes. We hope that this opportunity will be a time of spiritual growth and a deepening of connection with those inside the group. The retreat will be October 25-27 with transportation from the church available by bus or by volunteer vehicles. The cost of the weekend is 95 dollars which includes all meals and snacks provided by the camp for the weekend. We ask that you send cash or cheque with your child to Youth on Fridays up until October 11. Cheques may be made payable to La Salle Community Fellowship.
I hereby consent to let my child, participate in Youth Program (outlined above) hosted by La Salle Community Fellowship. I consent that photographs or video footage may be publically taken of the minor by ministry leaders, for ministry purposes only (which may include posting to social media and/or the ministry website). Media consent may be withdrawn by me at anytime, upon written request. Please know that your child will be cared for as if s/he were our child. It is understood that caution will be taken by those persons in charge to prevent injury, but neither those in charge nor the church shall be held responsible in case of accident.
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