Student Ministry Leaders Covenant

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We are excited to have you join our team. As student ministry leaders, our lives are constantly under the microscope. In order to keep the integrity of this ministry and the witness of Jesus from not being hindered, we must live our lives to a higher standard. Each year, everyone on the youth ministry team enters into a covenant with each other:

-I commit to have a personal relationship with Jesus
-I commit to model spiritual growth through regular times alone with Jesus and regular attendance at church.
-I will try my best to be consistent in my commitment to youth group - showing up on time, every time.
-I have completed Plan to Protect Certification (or am planning to complete this as soon as possible) and commit to adhere to it.

As a member of this student ministry and by acting as a leader, I agree to conduct myself at all times in accordance with my Christian conviction and the standards that are set forth by La Salle Community Fellowship.
-I agree to live a God honoring life. I will seek to live in accordance with scripture in all areas of my life. This includes, but is not limited to:
            ■ substances which I choose to consume and in what quantities
             my internet viewing and posting habits 
              ■ the way that I treat my family. 
              ■ the way I interact with the world 

     - I will always avoid situations with youth and other youth leaders which could in any way be misconstrued as inappropriate. This means that I will build my strongest relationships with youth of the same sex.
     -I will observe modesty, purity and appropriate intimacy in all relationships, reserve sexual expressions of intimacy for marriage, and within marriage take every reasonable step to resolve conflict and avoid divorce.
     -I will honor the Laws of this Country, understanding that government is placed in authority over me by God, and that by breaking the law I can easily damage the reputation of this ministry in the community.
     -If I am asked to teach or counsel students, I will do so in accordance with the Mennonite Brethren Statement of Faith. If at any time I find that I unable to uphold this covenant, I will voluntarily withdraw myself from leadership.


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